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Deliberate Diligence Products
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Here, you'll find a collection of valuable resources to help you (1) Get Clarity, (2) Create Impact, and (3) Live Deliberately.

From note-taking templates to productivity-boosting ebooks, I've got everything you need to take your productivity to the next level. All these resources are free to download and use, so browse and find the best ones.

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Ebook: Using ChatGPT as a personal advisor

ChatGPT Life Coaching: Tips and Tricks for Using AI for Self-Improvement
Get personalized AI-powered life coaching tips and tricks to improve every aspect of your life with this free ebook. Learn how to use ChatGPT and other AI tools for self-improvement, and access a wealth of information, prompts, and dialogues to guide your journey.

Obsidian Kickstarter Vault


You can now download a copy of the Deliberate Diligence Obsidian Vault Kickstarter Template
This post is a follow-up to my article from a couple of days ago, where I described how I switched from Roam Research to Obsidian with a customized setup: I was wrong, and Obsidian is better than Roam, after all: this is my customized setup.In one of my first


I was wrong, and Obsidian is better than Roam, after all: this is my customized setup.
In one of my first blog posts for, I concluded Roam Research to be better overall for a productivity-driven lifestyle than the currently hyped productivity tool Obsidian. Roam vs. Obsidian vs. Notion vs. Evernote: what’s the best tool for a productivity-driven lifestyle?I…

Travel like a Deliberate Diligencist: Individual Roadtrip through Norway

The perfect Norway road trip
This post contains a template for a road trip through Norway. I provide my GPS data, sightseeing list in Wanderlog and photos that you can use to inspire your journey. I would have been happy if I had such a template in advance. I studied different travel books, and this post reflects the essence.