Aim for Enough. Reach Enough.

Ambition to maximize your potential can lead to relentless work. Noble, yet depressing, as you neglect life's other aspects, especially in your prime years. Recognise yourself? Read this.

Aim for Enough. Reach Enough.



You work. Non-stop.

Climbing corporate ladders. Grueling hours. All for what?

Retirement? You've earned it. But what's left?

Life slipped away. A missed journey.

The opposite? Comfort. No progress.

Feels good. But soon...emptiness.

Both extremes. Neither satisfying.

What's the cure? Balance.

Introducing... "Definition of Enough".

No more racing to next milestone.

Your wage? Enough.

Your hobbies? Enough.

Your friends? Enough.

Your work hours? Enough.

You set the limit.

No hamster wheel. No missed life.

Aim for Enough. Reach Enough.

Freedom? Yours. Start now.

Define Enough. Today.

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-- Martin from