A short "Thank You!" to my first readers

A short "Thank You!" to my first readers
Photo by Pete Pedroza / Unsplash

Hi all,

This blog article is a bit off-topic, but I want to thank you as my first readers for your engagement with my content.

Thanks to readers sharing my articles in their networks, there were 513 new visitors to this blog this week alone (starting from zero, basically). There are also seven subscribers to the newsletter right now (one subscriber even since very early on).

These numbers may not seem much, but I'm very thankful for these first engagements because since starting this blog 7-8 weeks ago, I wasn't sure if anyone was interested in my thoughts about productivity, self-optimization and reflection about the truth behind certain life situations.

Other than my primary profession (innovation management, digitization, cloud/data/AI, web 3.0, intrapreneurship, etc.), I haven't put as much thought time into anything as I have into reflection and experimentation on productivity, self-optimization and purpose of life. It must be tens of thousands of hours because, especially between the ages of 25-35, I struggled to find out where all my ideas and thoughts lead and why I think pretty differently about many things than so many of my friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

Accordingly, it comes easy to me to write these blog articles in the morning after waking up. It even gives me pleasure and doesn't feel like work. It creates mental clarity because the texts force me to transform abstract and diffuse thoughts into something tangible and transferable for you as readers.

Deliberate Diligence was in this week's Obsidian Roundup Newsletter from Eleanor Konik.

What I didn't know until this week is if there are other people out there who are driven by a similar force as I am in getting the most out of themselves and the time at their disposal. People who want to be deliberately diligent.

Now I know for sure, and I'm going to use the initial traction as motivation to create further content that's useful to you, the reader. It has to be. Otherwise, it would just be procrastination or a personal diary.

PS: some readers asked me when I'll publish the template for the Obsidian setup I demonstrated this week. I'll publish it later today as soon as I find out how to do this in a usable way.

Best regards,

-- Martin (Twitter, Linkedin, Mail)